Exporting Electric and Hybrid Cars from the UAE to Iraq

Exporting Electric and Hybrid Cars from the UAE to Iraq

The UAE is poised to be the global leader in sustainability and provides substantial export opportunities in varied technologies for electric vehicles. The UAE market for EVs (electric vehicles) is yet in its earliest stages but is also set for rapid growth. As such, there is a high scope for an electric vehicles exporter in UAE.

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The government of UAE has displayed a solid devotion to promoting electric vehicles as an element of its endeavour to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050. Demands for EVs in the market in the UAE have showcased a steady climb in the past few years; it is expected to accomplish a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 30% in the period 2022 to 2028 as per a report by Arthur D. Little, a global consultancy firm.

As per DWEA (Dubai Water and Electrical Authority), the number of EVs in Dubai is all set to touch 7331 in 2023 and 12852 by 2025. Such numbers reveal the support of the Green Mobility Strategy 2030 in Dubai, requiring 10% of all sales of vehicles and 30% of all public vehicles to become hybrid or electric by 2030.

The RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) of Dubai has successfully converted 50% of the fleet of taxis into hybrid cars. It aims to transform the taxi fleet into electric and hybrid vehicles by 2027.

Among other Emirates apart from Dubai, Abu Dhabi also leads the UAE’s green mobility agenda. It features 9412 CNG vehicles, 2441 EVs. and 4138 hybrid cars. This Emirate is exploring technology for Hydrogen fuels as an aspect of the sustainable mobility initiative of the UAE.

The export of cars from UAE to Iraq can occur in three modes: Land, air and sea. Sea freight is secure and cheap. Air freight is fast, expensive and suitable for luxury cars. Transporting by land is the least expensive of the other three and more rapid than sea transport.

Tips for export to Iraq from UAE

The export of hybrid and electric cars from the UAE to Iraq is a lucrative business because of the rising demand for eco-friendly vehicles in the Iraqi market. But it involves many challenges. Following are some top tips to help you successfully navigate the process efficiently and use the UAE electric vehicles agency best:


  • Conduct market research: Before beginning the export process, one should conduct thorough market research in Iraq about the demand for EVs and hybrid cars.
  • Compliance with rules and regulations: Become familiar with the rules of export in UAE and import in Iraq. Check the specific laws related to EVs and Hybrids.
  • Collaborate with local agents: Set up tie-ups with reputed and reliable agents who understand the local market and can help in sales.
  • Assurance of quality: ensure that the vehicles you export adhere to or surpass the quality standards stipulated in Iraq. This includes measures of performance, emissions and safety.
  • Duties and customs: conduct research on the procedures for customs clearance and import duties for EVs and hybrids in Iraq, especially for documentation.
  • Logistics for transportation: Select an experienced and reliable logistics partner for handling the transport of cars to Iraq from the UAE. Consider factors like costs of transportation, containers and routes.
  • After-sales service and warranty: Offer a robust after sales service and security for the vehicles exported. This will endow customer confidence and help make for a good market reputation.
  • Local adaptation: Know that Iraq’s climate and driving conditions may vary from the UAE’s. Ensure that the vehicles are ideal for local requirements and might need some tweaking by the UAE electric vehicles agency.
  • Marketing and branding: It is good to invest in efforts of marketing and branding to create a buzz about EVs and hybrids in Iraq. Customise marketing strategies to appeal to the Iraqi audience.
  • The strategy of pricing: Create a pricing strategy that considers conditions of the local market, transport costs and import duties. Attractive pricing options can appeal to customers when offered by any UAE electric vehicles agency.
  • Building of network: There is a need to build up a robust network of spare parts suppliers, service centres and dealerships in Iraq for a convenient supply of vehicles.
  • Support and training: It is necessary to offer service centres and local partners to repair and maintain EVs and hybrids. This ensures adequate support to customers.
  • Contractual and legal agreements: Work must be completed with legal experts to draft robust contractual agreements with agents, distributors and partners. Such contracts should contain details like dispute resolution and responsibilities like pricing.
  • Sensitivity to culture: Being sensitive and aware of cultural differences in Iraq is desirable. This implies an understanding of local customs, traditions and business practices. It is vital to build trust and strong relationships in the Iraqi market.
  • Initiatives for sustainability: Throw light on the environmental benefits of hybrids and EVs. Focus on their contribution to reduce pollution and reduce costs of operation. This can be a valuable point for sales.
  • Education of customers: Investment should be made in educating potential customers about the features and utilities of electric and hybrid cars. One can host informational sessions and workshops to raise awareness.
  • Modes of payments: Stakeholders in car exports from UAE to Iraq need to be flexible with payment methods to accommodate local choices. This might include cash, credit cards or other modes convenient to customers in Iraq.
  • Incentives by the government: Look out for subsidies and incentives related to EVs and hybrids in Iraq. This dramatically impacts your sales and efforts to export electric cars from the UAE. 
  • Continual evaluation: Regular assessment and adaptation to changing market conditions must occur. Maintain currency with cutting-edge developments in the car industry, particularly about EVs and hybrids, which help export electric cars from UAE.
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In sum, the export of EVs and hybrids from the UAE to Iraq can prove to be highly profitable, but it needs detailed research, commitment and planning to match the demands of the local market. Using such facts about the export of electric vehicle dealers in UAE to Iraq, one can build a great business in this industry. 


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